Thursday, March 26, 2009

Show Reviews

I'm lousy with updating. I love to write, and I really want to get back to it, but I really suck at keeping up with it.

I've decided that I will try recapping/reviewing TV shows that I am currently obsessed with. They will be out of order. They will not make sense in context. I will recap or review ST Deep Space Nine one day, Beauty and the Beast ('80s TV show) the next, then later maybe Buffy or Firefly or BSG or Stargate or whatever-I-am-currently-crazy-for. One thing I can almost guarantee--they will pretty much be scifi reviews. I do watch non-scifi shows, but I rarely have deep thoughts about them. Scifi brings out the meditation in me, I guess.

These will suck. I am trying to get past the suck, so if you happen across these, be patient. I do hope to get better.

Coming soon...a complete recap of Quantum Leap's season one Pilot, or "Genesis", and a complete recap of Stargate - SG1's first season "Hathor". After that, who knows?

Stay tuned.
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